"...finally, mountains are mountains again and rivers are rivers."

The advanced course utilizes and emphasizes self-teaching.

Supplemental Materials are still discussed in absence of more appropriate and direct self teaching techniques (discussed in parts or in whole during retreats)

Adyashanti: Non-Rooted Lineage
OSHO: The Diamond Sutra
The Four Noble Truth
The Eightfold Path

Any genuine path to true enlightenment has to ultimately deliver the seeker back to where the seeking began, and not get stuck in some "enlightened ego" state, where one feels superior to everyone and everything else, which implies that separation and judgment is still present, therefore we cannot really talk about true enlightenment.

When abidingly awake, there is a feeling of "a job well done" extinguishing the act of seeking itself, without the possibility of ever falling back into duality. However, getting used to this new way of being takes time and practice for most. During Sails 103 we address these issues of adjusting to this new way of being. There is a built up momentum one accumulates by being conditioned in the dual world for so long, that often triggers instinctive reactions instead of spontaneous and mindful responses even long after having seen completely through all the veils of illusion.

What does one do when "have fallen out of the world" and not of it anymore? How to come back and relate with the illusion? What purpose and meaning would drive somebody who has understood that there is no such a thing as a separate, individual self? Of course these questions only have relevance in the illusionary world of the ego. From the perspective of the ultimate, these questions are irrelevant. How can we cure a person who is only imagining to be ill? We have to utilize imaginary medicine just to be able to engage with them. Those whose eyes are open, can try creating a portal, point to an invitation, pry a crack on the wall of reality for those who are grasping in the dark... so to speak. And this is another issue as language begins to fail and new ways of expressing oneself open up.

"First you are chasing it,
then it finds itself,
finally it starts chasing anything that is not it."

Of course from the perspective of ego, it seems as if those who seem to be awake are also seem to be compassionate and kind and helping all around, but that is only a fortunate byproduct of one's living out of truth itself. This is no selfless deed, as there is only one and anything done is only for the benefit of that one self. When awake, truth lives itself and often happens to be naturally loving and kind and compassionate with and about everything. Finding a natural flow for the form is basically what is learned in this retreat. The respectful claiming back of the body/mind temple in which realization has taken root and playing out its role in the mortal world becomes one's most peaceful and amazing practice for the remaining time of the given physical form.

By the time someone is ready for Sails 103, they have pretty much became their own teachers and could/should be able to manage their remaining seeking, perhaps with just a little aid. Sails retreats are ultimately about teaching everyone to be able to stand on their own two feet, without a support of a teacher or practice or any other spiritual crutches toward ultimate contentment. In this realm one would have reduced their necessary egos to a pilot flame, standing by as a useful tool to be utilized whenever, but only for a given time/task to serve something more than individual interests.