Links provided below are only examples of the type of services provided by third parties. Please feel free to further research or price hunt for the best options that suit your travels. The cabin has dedicated wifi / internet service for our guest to be able to further research at no cost how to make the best of their visit here. This hotspot should work everywhere in and around the cabin.

For the most part, as far as the weather is concerned, it is only rain and storm that might force you to change your plans. These radar maps might help you to see what the situation is over the whole island and choose your strategy accordingly for the day.

Volcano National Park
There is a lot here that you can do, the park is open 24/7, making it convenient to visit the glowing lava at night even. Plenty of trails to hike even down to the caldera, bike around the crater or check out the lava tubes and steam vents.

Kazumura Lava Tube

The longest and biggest known lava tube in the world is the Kazamura lava tube. Although it is about 40 miles long and often wider than as a semi truck, the only organized caving is provided by Kazumura Cave Tours, located at the end of our street. ( There are different tours, from a couple of hours to a full day of serious caving.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Rides

Both Hilo and Kona sides of the Big Island offers helicopter rides for those who have bigger budgets.

Kalapana Lava Boat
One of the most spectacular programs that might require reservations for weeks ahead.

Kalapana Lava Ride / Hike
This program is the most popular form of personally meeting the lavaflow.

Night Manta Ray Dive
This dive/snorkel is at night and probably one of the most unique opportunity to swim with swarming gentle giants around the boat in safety. You might need reservations weeks ahead to join this program.

7000 feet downhill bike ride through Volcano National Park

please check photo gallery for images

Offered exclusively by Volcano Eco Cabin, please inquire by email. This is a 7000 descent by bicycles from Mauna Loa Lookout point to all the way to the ocean, through Volcano National Park and Chain of Craters. Normally this is a 3-5 hrs bike ride. The top parts of the entire route are sometimes closed due to severe weather or volcanic activity, please inquire at least 10 days ahead if you are interested in this ride. The Eco Cabin van will pick up / transport all participants to the starting point, follows the ride and carries bags/food/water, provides snacks and picnic lunch in the National Park then at the end transport riders and bikes back to the cabin or point of pick up. Cost $80/person, all inclusive (bikes, food, park entrance fee, etc.) Please reserve at least 10 days prior of arrival.

Mauna Kea Summit at 14,000 feet
Whether you just want to see from the top of the world or experience sunrise / sunset fully without any obstruction on your horizon in any direction, the summit of this mountain is known to be stopping hurricanes in their tracks. Check out warnings about driving to the top too fast or with children, regarding altitude sickness.

Waipio Valley
One of the most breathtaking and enormous valley that is worth the hike and beach for hours.

Waterfalls and beaches of Hilo
Akaka falls
Rainbow falls
Richardson Beach Park
Carlsmith Beach Park
Onekahakaha (Mama’s Beach) Beach Park
Keaukaha Beach Park
Reeds Bay
Liliuokalani Park / Japanese Garden

Kayak, Paddle board at Reeds Bay
When the weather is nice on the Hilo side, Reeds Bay is a perfect location to discover the coast with a slower raft like a kayak, paddle board or windsurf board.

Snorkeling from South Point to Captain Cook

Black Sand Beach at Punalu’U

This beach isn’t only unique because of the color of its beach sand, but seemingly it is one of the mostly liked beaches for big green turtles to enjoy and sunbathe,.. Probably because of its dark sand and therefore higher temperatures when heated by the sun.

Green Sand Beach
One of the two only green sand beaches on Earth. This is a 45-60 min. Hike along the coast unless you have a good 4 wheel drive vehicle and some skills. Don’t worry, locals provide a shuttle service on their 4x4s for a fee if you don’t feel like hiking.

South Point

The most Southern point of the Hawaiian Islands with steep cliffs and clear waters for snorkeling.

Sightseeing Kalapana, the Lava Land and its special spots
Maku’u Farmers Market / Mango Grove Scenic Coastal Ride / Warm Ponds / Scenic Costal Ride / Kehena Nudist Beach / Picnic on Grassy Fields

Maku Market
Only on Sundays, the biggest and probably most popular farmers market on the Hilo side.

Warm Ponds
A unique beach with heated fresh water mixing with the tides of the ocean, producing a unique bath especially protective and comfortable for kids, the elderly and those who just want to soak and levitate for hours.

Uncle Roberts Wednesday Night Market
A spectacular night swirling with vendors, musicians, food and booze. The most eclectic bunch having fun at the edge of the lava flow at Kalapana on Wednesday evenings.

Sandy Beaches of Kona
Kua Bay / Hapuna / 69

Motorcycle Around the Island
On the Kona side bike rental is available to those being able to show a driver's license endorsed for motorcycle. They provide everything (helmet is optional by Hawaii law.)
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