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This program was created to focus on the subject of Spiritual Awakening. Open to anyone, the workshop is designed to explain, prepare and exercise the "act" of Spiritual Awakening. Although it might sound far fetched that a workshop is able to do something that traditionally required life-long studies, dedication and practices, let us remember that spiritual awakening is never guaranteed nor can it be stopped, but only delayed consciously or unconsciously. Given the right circumstances and understanding, those who are close to waking up can be nudged into an obvious groove to speed up the transition / realization. Too many people get involved with spiritual awakening in one way or another, but as fast as our world spins these days, very few people have the time to even understand fully what it is, should they get involved and once involved, what to do? We don't have time to even read a book, let alone spend years in a Buddhist cave to stare at the wall chanting for 8 hours a day.

As much as it is possible, we have gathered the best and most direct teachings and methods to be given all at once, like a big jolt of lightening to see if the participant would be able to handle awakening at all.

Spiritual Awakening has nothing to do with any faith or religion. In fact Awakening is waking up from all the dreams, including any belief system, faith, ideology, fear, hope, etc. Enlightenment isn't a reward at the end of a long and hard earned effort. A drunk might get enlightened just by falling and hitting his head on on a bar stool. However, the environment and life circumstances could definitely obstruct or delay the inevitable.

During this workshop the Sangha (group)will be taken to breathtaking environments. Individual and collective existential beliefs of the participants will be challenged, taken apart and re-assembled possibly. The group and the individuals will be presented with video / audio materials to discuss and discover what and how came before, regarding Enlightenment. During the workshop days there will be various methods to learn and practice as well as home work assigned.

  • Double Slit Experiment
  • Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
  • Buddhism: Who Am I? (An Essay on the Impossibility of Being)
  • Buddha
  • Jesus
  • ​Revolver: Elevator Scene