Why Hawaii?

The Volcano Eco Cabin was born out of our passion to preserve and reduce our ecological impact on one of the last frontier of natural beauty. You wouldn't notice, but this humble cabin is completely off the grid, away from traffic, noise and crowds, yet cozy and protective like a hummingbird's nest.


Aloha & Namaste!

Why are we here, what are we doing?...

Mahalo for considering,  

 Agnes & Andrew

We have decided to move to Hawaii because of all the amazing places we have seen, Hawaii is the one that allows us to concentrate on our family, friends, loved ones and our own spiritual paths to awakening. We have gathered many treasures on the way, only to share it with anyone interested.

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There was a point in our lives when we realized that we either keep chasing meaning & happiness, or we take responsibility for creating them for ourselves.

Hawaii is the most isolated landmass on Earth. Some call it the End of the World. How far do you have to go from it all to find real silence? On the Big Island, tangible creation happens in real time in front of your eyes in a form of molten lava hardening and shortly after sprouting the very first plants as if by magic. The breathtaking beauty all around with the majestic ocean creatures visiting the shores, moments of epiphanies are bound to happen. One can see this all for themselves, without any help and guiding, but just in case one might need some pointers... we are here to share.