The Cool of Clouds

We offer two different housing for visitors.

  • Our smaller two person Eco Cabin was finished in May of 2017, a perfect little nest for 2 people. It has everything that a fully equipped hotel room would, plus a lot more. The fact that it is completely off-the-grid, on Solar power and rain water, you wouldn't notice unless we tell you. However, this paradise surely appreciates your leaving no ecological footprint in this beautiful, young Ohia forest.

  • The bigger Eco Lodge we finished in July of 2018, and it is twice as big as its little brother, the Eco Cabin. The Lodge is perfect for 4 adults or families with kids, featuring a separate bedroom with the biggest bed (California King) and a pull-out Couch for 2 people. This Lodge is also off-the-grid, utilizing Solar power and pristine rainwater from the sky.