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Max. 6 People

$100 / hour / vehicle

For best (cash) pricing Call:+1 (808) 785-7443 or Email: chawaiitours@gmail.com

This is a simple rental of the vehicle with a driver, you choose the destination and how long you would like to cruise.

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Akaka Waterfalls & Onomea Bay

Through a Scenic Route

Duration: 2-3 hours

Booking online $300    custom tour / vehicle / Day

​Maximum 6 people

For best (cash) pricing Call:+1 (808) 785-7443 or Email: chawaiitours@gmail.com

Join us for a serene half-day journey from Hilo to experience the best of nature's beauty. Begin with a visit to Akaka Falls, a magnificent 442-foot waterfall surrounded by lush foliage, immersing yourself in the calming sounds of nature.

Optional Cow Cuddling in the Cow Sanctuary..

(The $20 entrance fee is not included in the price of the Cow Cuddling)

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Recommended Local Highlights (Hilo)

Explore the diverse beauty of Hawaii's Big Island on our comprehensive tour departing from Hilo.
duration: 5-6 Hours

​​Booking online $600  custom tour / vehicle / Day

Maximum 6 people

​​For best (cash) pricing Call:+1 (808) 785-7443​    Email: chawaiitours@gmail.com

Highlights: (click on them for links) Reed's Bay, Liliukolani ParkVolcanoes National Park, Hilo Farmer's MarketOnomea BayAkaka FallsRichardson Beach

Our journey begins at Reed's Bay, through the magical Banyan Drive, where you'll soak in stunning ocean views and the soothing coastal breeze. Next, we will drive through the serene Liliuokalani Park, a Japanese-style manicured garden with ponds and bridges.

We then venture to the iconic 
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (VNP) 
Explore the awe-inspiring Thurston Lava Tube, witness volcanic steam vents, and walk the Devastation Trail. Enjoy an optional hike. Later, relax at the iconic Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, known for its striking black sands and the chance to spot sea turtles basking on the shore. This tour blends the volcanic wonders of VNP with the serene beauty of a black sand beach and the enchantment of encountering these magnificent creatures. Return to Hilo with unforgettable memories of this day-long journey through nature's marvels.

Separately, we'll visit a local 
Hilo Farmer's Market to savor fresh, island-grown delights.

Traveling along the scenic route to 
Onomea Bay, you'll encounter breathtaking coastal vistas. The tour continues to the mesmerizing Akaka Falls, a 442-foot waterfall surrounded by tropical rainforest.

Finally, unwind at 
Richardson Beach, known for its black sands and excellent snorkeling. This full-day journey offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, and relaxation, making it a quintessential Hawaiian experience.

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