Silent Retreat

duration: 2-7 days    Max. 6  people

$350 / Day


​This multiple day retreat is an all inclusive program.

We provide lodging,food, transportation and programs. Throughout the whole retreat, we utilize a Container of Silence, with optional daily Dharma Talks. Combining the Daily Dharma & Silent Tours into a multi-day, personalized experience, this is as personal and intimate as it gets as far as trasnmission is concerned, between the host and the environment. Participants live on the premises and besides visiting the various and amazing gems of the Big Island, they also spend personal time with the host and their family and daily activities, optionally as they like. This is the behind the scenes, eating together, sitting around bon fires or playing cards, going to the beach, perhaps do kareoke in the forest spontaneously.

This event is meant to go one big step further than arranged and pre-meditated programs like the Dharma Tours and Silent Retreats. 

"When things happen spontaneously, the real Dharma is there to shine directly. No words needed, as it is between the lines, everything that is un-spoken, yet, and tainted by the first and every word relating to it ever after."

The purpose of this workshop is to practice the various Mindful Meditations, and establish one’s personal and mobile retreat, so that it can be continued and cultivated afterwards. The daily programs are custom tailored to the group, selecting from a list of practices and locations.

During the multiple day retreat, simple and healthy food choices will be provided along with snacks and drinks, with the occasional authentic meals in accordance with the traditions and customs of the hosting family like open fire Goulash, home made pizzaz or Crepes.​

What is Silence?​

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Dharma Tour

duration: 6-8 Hours, Min. 2 Max. 6 people

$215  adults / Day

​​On the Big Island of Hawaii, This is an 8 hour (approx.) interactive program between the participants and the guide.  While visiting a few of the magnificent vistas, there are optional, personalized Dharma Talks at each location and in between. We provide all the beach chairs, hammocks, pillows and blankets for a comfortable meditation in a guided group or alone. The purpose of this program is to introduce and establish a good connection for the participants with Silence and Mindful Meditation methods, so that they will be able to continue on their own.


What is Dharma Talk
(by Thich Nhat Hanh)

This program is ideal for those who need guidance, explanation, practice and examples to become self-sufficient.

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Silent Dharma Tour

duration: 6-8 Hours, Min. 2 Max. 6 people

$195 / Day

​This approximately 8-hour program takes place on the island of Hawaii and unfolds in a state of profound silence from its beginning to end. We travel as a group and take refuge in Silence, in the most beautiful and inspirational settings as long as we like. We choose from a variety of Mindful Practices to spend some time at each location, and when we feel that it is enough, we move on, in silence, to take our next journey.

This program is created for those, who have found and established their Inner Silence and do not need talking and verbal guidance anymore to absorb the teachings of the Dharma. While your guide arranges and takes care of everything, participants are free to enjoy the whole day in silence, with all the blankets, pillows, chairs and hammocks that one might need to find a sacred spot and be alone for a while. When it is time to go to the next location, the guide will gently gather the travelers and transports the group to the next inspirational location.​

What is Silence?

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